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Selway Quivers were designed to fit on all Traditional Bow's, recurve's as well as longbow's. Some of the quivers will work on self bows. There are a variety of different bows on the market today and we have tried to produce quivers that will work on all Traditional Bows.

The Rawhide version of our quiver line is all hand stitched and hand dyed which produces a one of a kind custom quiver. Colors can vary from a light honey color to dark burgundy.

The Soft-Koat version is designed to be a non-glare soft to the touch molded hood. The Soft-Koat Quiver's in Quick Detach, Slide-on versions work well on Traditional recurves or longbows.

Selway Archery Products was started in the late 1980's under the name Selway Archery, Gordy Mickens founder, and has introduced a variety of different items for Traditional Archery since inception.

As you scan through our website looking at the different product designs, it should answer any questions you might have. However we are always glad to answer any of your questions personally by phone or email.


Introducing Custom engraving

Custom engraving is available on newly purchased quivers. Starting at $20.00.
Call us with details.

Now offering custom dyed hoods and special colored stitching.

Introducing Custom engraving
Price: Starting at $20.00


Introducing the Grayling Model Quiver Hood

The New Hood with the Bear Logo

This quiver hood is Great for any Traditional Bowhunter or Traditional Archer into Bear Archery products. Great for the Fred Bear traditional bow collector. Have a newer Fred Bear traditional bow? This quiver is great for you as well! It can be attached to the Strap-on, Slide-on, Quick Detach and Side Mount quivers.

New Grayling Model Quiver from Selway Archery
Price: Starting at $112
Grayling quiver model mounted to a Bear Bow

Grayling quiver model mounted to a Bear Bow

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