Side Mount Quiver

Selway's exclusive Rawhide quiver hoods are all hand made in a long and drawn process. From the soaking of the large sheets of Rawhide, to cutting them into long strips about 15" wide, to the cutting phase (stamp press), to the one at a time hand sewing. Then they are dyed to bring out that special character that only Rawhide has and allowed to dry.

Side Mount quivers are designed to fit on recurves or longbows that have special inserts tapped on the side of the bow. The inserts will either be 10-24 or 1/4-20 thread design and should be ordered accordingly.

The Grayling model is available with the threaded insert type 1/4-20 ONLY!

You can order them in 3, 4, 5, or 6 arrow models.

Colors can vary from a light honey color to dark burgundy.

Please email or call to request custom engraving, special colored stitching or special colors and we will do our best to accommodate the request.

Custom engraving is available on newly purchased quivers. Starting at $20.00.

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Side Mount Rawhide Model

Selway Rawhide Side Mount Quiver
Selway Rawhide Replacement Hood Burgundy
Selway Rawhide Replacement Hood Honey/Gold
Selway Rawhide Replacement Hood Chocolate Brown
Chocolate Brown

Custom Hood options

Standard Rawhide Price: $125

Mini Rawhide Price: $125
* 4 Arrows Max

Raw Hide Hood Size

* Choose 3 or 4 Arrow for Mini Hood *
Raw Hide Color
Thread Count
Arrow Count

* Choose 3 or 4 Arrow for Mini Hood *
Arrow Clip Size
Left or right hand

Please specify threaded insert type

10-24 or 1/4-20

Please check your selections!

Side Mount Grayling Model

Price: $132

Arrow Count
Arrow Clip Size
Thread Count
Left or Right Hand

Threaded insert type 1/4-20 ONLY!

Please check your selections!

The Selway Side Mount Quiver - New Grayling Model
Selway Side Mount Quiver
Selway Side Mount Quiver

Side Mount Quiver Installation Video

Download Video: Closed Format: "MP4" Open Format: "OGG" / "WebM"