Selway Archery Bow Stringers

Selway Limbsaver Longbow Stringer

Sports a simple design with a Cordura bottom limb cup that fit's comfortably over most longbow limb tips, non-slip rubber limb block for depressing limb and parachute cord with a tensile strength of 600 pounds. A must for healthy longbow life.

Selway Limbsaver Recurve Stringer

A must for the recurve shooter! The proper way to string any recurve is with a stringer.... Any other way will jeopardize the straightness of your limbs. Extra large Cordura limb cup for protection. Also made with parachute cord with a tensile strength of 600 pounds

Also available in a heavy model for heavy weight recurves over 75 lbs of draw weight.

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Standard Black Bow Stringers with Desert Camo or Red Camo Checker Board Strings

Black Selway Limbsaver Bow Stringers

Selway Archery Limbsaver Bow Stringers are available in a variety of colors

(Black, Army Digital Camo, Red, Purple, Blue,

Neon Pink, Hunter Orange, Neon Green and Hunter Green)
Colored Selway Limbsaver Bow Stringers


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Recurve Stringer

Selway Limbsaver Recurve Stringer

Price: $16.95

Max bow weight of 75 pounds!


Please check your selections!

Heavy Recurve Stringer

Price: $18.95

Recommended for bow weights over 75 pounds!

Black Material and Black String Only!

Selway Limbsaver Recurve Stringer

Longbow Stringer

Selway Limbsaver Longbow Stringer

Price: $15.95


Please check your selections!


How to use the Selway Limbsaver Stringers

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